Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Feminist Delusion

I am a white male who lives in central Alabama. Since there are no specific calendar days set aside to celebrate being either white or male this apparently means that roughly 336 days out of the year are dedicated solely to my ethnicity and/or gender by default. What a load of horse shit.

The feminist movement is chock-full of self-righteous characters who think that burning their bras in public or walking around naked as the day they were born is somehow empowering to their gender. I'm actually bare ass at this very moment, burning a pair of my boxers just to see what all the fuss is about. It does feel quite liberating so perhaps these clever women are onto something special after all. If a person has good social skills & makes it a pleasure to be in their company then there's absolutely no desire for them to play victim all the time. This whole "it's not fair" attitude is just pathetic. The objectification of women by men is more often than not the result of interactions with vain, self-indulgent bitches who think that the world owes them something simply because they have a nice rack & the lining of their uterus sheds once every thirty days. Any misogynistic attitude falls by the wayside whenever people view others as a valuable asset to their life. Try learning a skill that makes you a quintessential member of society instead of complaining about how nobody treats you fairly. There are plenty of successful women in the world who have risen through societal ranks strictly because of their intelligence & prowess.

Religions around the world have always played an integral role in the oppression of the the female gender, yet, I see so many devout women incessantly yammering about equality. A person can't honestly be a feminist & a Christian or Muslim at the same time. Pick a side & stay there. I don't need someone else - especially a scientifically illiterate person from a different era & culture - to explain to me what gender roles entail. If your particular religion labels women as submissive property rather than actual people then your god is doing it wrong. Period.

The terms feminism & menimism are beyond unnecessary. There's already a better, non-exclusionary word that describes an all-encompassing notion of equality. It's called humanism. Unlike feminists, humanists fight for the equal rights of all people regardless of their gender. It's inarguably a much more selfless act to be outspoken about the fairness & civility toward all people rather than just one specific group. Feminism is more about a singular need to feel special than anything else. Find another way to be special & stop ranting about how everyone with a penis is somehow conspiring against you. It's human nature to feel as if you're being oppressed at one time or another, regardless if you actually are or not. People who seize every opportunity to become better & kick oppression in the mouth are the ones who will ultimately come out on top in the end. Start changing the way others view you as a human being & stop jumping on all the trending social media hashtag bandwagons at the first sign of adversity. You know why I never worry about being discriminated against for things like my age, lack of formal education & living in the redneck capital of America? Because I laugh at & welcome the challenge. I kick it in the mouth.

I don't automatically respect a person based on the color of their skin nor how anatomically equipt they are to squeeze a baby out; I respect people on merit alone. I'm proud of being many things in life, but my skin pigment & the fact that I have a penis are nowhere to be found on that list. It should be downright depressing to have more pride in uncontrollable genetic traits rather than life accomplishments. Should I also be overly proud to possess an opposable thumb & devise a campaign to rub it in the face of every other animal who doesn't? We get it have a vagina. Good for you. Now get back in the kitchen & cook me a fucking steak.

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